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Leadership that Listens, Action that Delivers.

Leadership that Listens, Action that Delivers.

Together, We Move Kitsap Forward.

Join Matt Macklin in creating a better Peninsula for all. Your support—through contributions or volunteering—fuels real solutions to the challenges our community faces.

Together, we achieve more than any one of us could alone. Be a part of a campaign that listens to you, delivers on promises, and prioritizes

  1. Health Care that is Accessible, Affordable, and Equitable,
  2. Businesses that Thrive, Not Just Survive,
  3. Policies that Support Families in Our Community.

Get Involved. Make a Difference. Be Proud.

Join the Campaign. Let’s prioritize progress for Kitsap County.

Bold Vision, Real Solutions.

Bold Vision, Real Solutions.

Unleashing Kitsap’s Potential.

Matt Macklin brings a bold vision to the table—one where every resident of Kitsap County has access to affordable healthcare, where our businesses are supported to thrive, and where working families find the support they need to prosper.

With a proven track record of real, tangible solutions in the private sector, Matt is dedicated to turning this vision into a reality for the Peninsula. It’s not just about ideas; it’s about innovation, and making a tangible difference in the lives of our community members.

Support a future where innovation meets action. Join us in bringing bold vision and real solutions to Kitsap County.

Take Action. Transform Kitsap. Support Matt Macklin.”

Get involved with contribution, make yourself proud! Together we the people achieve more than any single person could ever do alone.

Stand with Matt Macklin for Kitsap’s Progress / Invest in Our County’s Future


Years Of Experience

About Matt


Matt Macklin represents a dynamic blend of professional excellence and deep community involvement, uniquely qualifying him to lead as County Commissioner for District 2. His expertise in managing complex budgets, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and legal acumen, has prepared him to address the county’s most pressing issues with innovative solutions.

More than his professional credentials, Matt’s active participation in community organizations and his role as a father of four in Kitsap County imbue him with a dynamic understanding of the local landscape. His commitment to fostering a thriving, inclusive, and prosperous community for all residents drives his campaign.

Matt Macklin is not just running for office; he’s striving to enhance the quality of life in Kitsap County, ensuring it remains a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. Join him in moving forward with a vision of progress, unity, and lasting prosperity.


Real Experience in Owning and Operating Business


MBA, Loyola Chicago Law School, and Health Care Background


Civil Litigator and Fierce Advocate

Proven Leadership in Healthcare Leadership.

Expertly managed multimillion-dollar budgets, significantly improving operational efficiency and the quality of care.

Architect of Change.

Matt Macklin presents a bold vision for Kitsap County, underpinned by a concrete plan that merges compassionate leadership with strategic action to foster a brighter future for all.

Fierce Community and Legal Advocate

A staunch advocate for equity with a robust track record in community engagement and advocacy in and outside the courtroom.

Family-Focused Kitsap South Resident.

Raising four children with his partner in the heart of South Kitsap County, Matt is deeply invested in creating a thriving community for all families.

// Priorities

Bold Vision for a Bold Community

Fix Our Healthcare

We have a critical shortage of healthcare provider options and emergency services. We must dedicate efforts to establish long-term solutions that improve access and response times across Kitsap County.


Supporting Families

Bolstering support for families in Kitsap County, enhancing services, educational opportunities, and community resources for a thriving community life. Public-Private partnerships that help families succeed without overwhelming resources or creating financial burdens.


Sustainable Infrastructure for a Growing Community

Pioneer infrastructure enhancements that not only support Kitsap County’s population increase but also prioritize the preservation of its unique environment and rich cultural heritage, ensuring a harmonious balance between development and conservation.


Championing Thriving Small Businesses with a Conscience

Prioritize the growth of small businesses in Kitsap County as the cornerstone of economic vitality, advocating for supportive and sensible policies that encourage entrepreneurship and job creation, all while ensuring a harmonious balance with environmental conservation efforts.


The Clear Choice.

A Bold Leader for Kitsap County Commissioner, District 2

Forward-Thinking Problem Solver
Matt has made a career of fixing broken organizations. He brings innovative, actionable solutions to the table, addressing today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities, that will make Kitsap County a model of progressive governance.
Dedicated to Social Equity and Dignity
Focused on uplifting every member of our community, ensuring equitable access to resources, services, and opportunities, so all can live with dignity and fairness.
Champion of Small Business Success
Will lead the charge in transforming county services into powerful allies for small business growth, ensuring that local owners have the support they need to flourish, all while contributing to the economic dynamism of Kitsap County and preserving our environmental legacy.
Guardian of Our Natural Heritage
Committed to protecting and preserving Kitsap County’s unique environment through conscientious policy-making and advocacy for green initiatives.

Presets Color