Matt Macklin for Washington State House

Matt is the only candidate with a track record of leadership and skills to “get things done.”

“It’s time to empower Our Community to Take Back Our Destiny. Forget failed representatives.”

“For as long as I can remember, my father taught me the value of hard work that leads to independence. He showed me that with our own independence, we have a social responsibility to contribute to our community.”

Own Our Destiny.

Be Heard. No Matter How You Vote, VOTE.

It is our responsibility to protect our rights. That starts at the ballot box.

Access to the ballet and the integrity of the vote is core to our country’s democratic process.

Don’t take the freedom of the ballot box and be sure to exercise your right.


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This campaign is about YOU. We need your support, time, and energy to be successful on Election Day and effective in driving policy and resources to our community afterward.

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Bring Resources for Empowerment and Success to Our Community.

Our community is growing at a rapid pace. Every session, our legislature allocates resources to communities through our state budget. Year-over-year, our representatives in the house have sat on the outside looking in while others deliver funds and resources to their communities. We deserve a seat at the table and representation that can deliver for our growing community.

Elect Matt and know that his skills will be put to work delivering for the district 1st. People before politics in a way that the community can see, not just some empty promise year after year. It’s time for a change.

26th LD Washington House of Representatives


Matt is a husband, a dad, and a staunch advocate. He comes from a long line of people serving their community: marine and army veterans, nurses, and healthcare professionals; Specifically serving as long-term care professionals. Matt is a licensed nursing home administrator sitting on the state board and a business law attorney helping healthcare providers and small business owners achieve their dreams. Amanda, Matt’s wife, is a geriatric nurse practitioner caring for our seniors right here in the 26th district.

Matt is a leader in healthcare activism and works with small business owners and others as an attorney and advocate. For the last three years now, Matt and his wife, Amanda, have been on the front line risking their health to protect yours and the most vulnerable of those we love, seniors and those receiving skilled nursing care. The way to a stronger economy, healthier and safer community, and increased opportunities is through investment in our people, our businesses, and our kids.

Matt is also an advocate for women and children. He gives his skills, sweat, and energy to organizations working toward ending violence against women and those affected by sex trafficking and addiction. As an attorney, he continues to work in disability rights and support and legal advocacy for children who no longer have parents or, in some cases, no foster help at all.

Matthew is involved in the community by serving  the Washington Office of Civil Legal Aid — Representing children who have had parental rights terminated, as Vice-Chair of the King County Bar — Business Law Section, Vice-Chair of the Washington State Bar Associations Juvenile Law Section, along with pro bono attorney work.

From Matt:

“The last nearly three years of COVID have exposed the fragile and cracking infrastructure through our economy and communities. I don’t think any were found to be as weak as our underfunded, understaffed, overworked, and under-appreciated healthcare system. Instead, we made headlines for being a system that is broken and easily exploited. This breakdown didn’t happen during the COVID crisis but over decades of neglect and ethical misappropriation of resources.

My promise to this district is to first and foremost provide a forum where constructive ideas, concerns, solutions, and positions can be quickly and wholly voiced and considered for the betterment of our community.

Our current representation talks in circles and comes back empty-handed after every session.

We deserve representation that works to empower our community and negotiates resources and favorable policy for our community. I provide readiness on day one with skills and experience that have proven to accomplish goals where others have failed.

I will be your voice, advocate, and hammer to build and get things done in Olympia.”

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Access. Quality. Equitable.


Providing Strong Services and Planning for Our Family’s Future.


Prepare Future Generations while Fill Today’s Skill Pipeline

Even More Information

Access to Healthcare

We have a healthcare crisis on our hands. It is so important that we provide services at the right time, place, and amount. t

We can move our health system forward without financial and regulatory barriers.


Filling the Jobs Pipeline

We need to invest in our public schools and build up our technical and skill training pipeline. There are high-quality, good-paying jobs in our community waiting to be filled by workers if they receive the necessary training. Our State Government can provide funding to build these training centers and programs that will empower our people to succeed.


Civil Empowering

Our transportation system is either aged and failing or impractical for our quickly growing rural communities. We need to point the federal government’s infrastructure dollars to serve our populations now and grow in the right way.

Supporting Businesses and Families

Raising a family is hard enough. We have a moral and financial benefit to helping families thrive.

Let’s get families back to work.

Small Business is the heart of our Economy. Businesses in Washington deserve to thrive.